LM Cases


About LM Cases

LM Cases has been designing and manufacturing custom road cases since 1985. We serve a variety of markets, including business, industry, government, military, entertainment and sports.

We love our work, and it shows in the quality of our products. Each of our cases is built by hand, one at a time, at our new 43,000-sq-ft. manufacturing facility in Youngstown, Ohio. Practical, ergonomic design – combined with superior materials and expert craftsmanship – result in the finest protective cases on the market today.

12U Standard Series Shock Mount Rack

This is LM Cases’ standard series shock mount rack shown in a 12RU height. The racks are produced in 2-16RU heights and feature 20” shell depths. All racks in the series feature stacking hardware. Racks 2-8RU come standard with stacking feet on the bottom and stacking cups on the top of the case. Racks 10U and above feature stacking cups on the top only with 4” Colson casters being provided. The smaller 2-8RU racks are designed to stack on the larger 10U and above height racks. This stacking concept allows easily built modular systems. 

Rack exteriors, and inner shells are built from 3/8” plywood. The inner shells are laminated with white ABS plastic ensuring high visibility during low lighting. Inner shells are 20” deep. Front and rear rails are recessed ½” ea allowing for a 19” rail to rail depth. The inner shells are shock mounted using 1” PE foam surrounding all sides. 

The case exterior is laminated with the ABS color of your choice. The exteriors feature 4 deep recessed handles, 1.75” low profile lids, stacking hardware and 4” Colson casters where applicable. 

Standard series shock mount racks are available through all LM dealers, reps and direct via LM’s Online Store